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Family medical services

Quality Medical Services
at low Prices

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Our Key Points

About us

We are a private Primary Care/Family Medicine Medical Center, created to provide a wide range of Medical Services for the whole family at affordable prices.

From preventative care and condition care to chronic disease management, our team is focused on achieving full health for our patients, at low prices.

Our professionals are ready to assist you, take care of your health and that of your family. Come see us, call us o  write to us and we will clarify all your doubts today.


Our services

Excellence in Primary Medical Care

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General Medicine

General Family Medicine
  • Adult Medical Consultations

  • Treatment of Respiratory Conditions

  • Medical Consultations Children (over 3 years old)

  • Skin diseases

  • Referrals to Specialists, mammograms, x-rays, MRI and others

  • Prescriptions

  • General Physical Examination

  • Exam for School

  • DOT Exam

Treatments of Chronic Conditions

Care for chronic patients
  • Diabetes Treatment

  • Hypertension Control

  • Allergy Control

  • Control of Cholesterol and Triglycerides

  • Thyroid Treatment

  • Arthritis Management

  • Uric Acid Control


Laboratory exams
  • Blood general

  • Flu and Strep Tests

  • Covid-test

  • Cholesterol and triglycerides

  • HgA1C for diabetes
  • Anemia panel
  • Pylori Test (Gastritis)
  • Arthritis Exam
  • Urine and Fecal Exams
  • Hormone Check
  • Thyroid exam
  • Cultures of eyes, ears, throat, skin, urine, genitals, and feces
Minor emergencies

Med. Procedures
and Minor Urgencies

  • Nail Extraction

  • Wound Care and Suture

  • Wart Removal

  • Drainage and Healing of Abscesses

  • Cleaning and Treatment of Ear Conditions

  • Elimination of foreign bodies (Ears and Skin)

  • Minor injuries


women's clinic
  • Diagnosis and treatment of gynecological conditions

    • pap smear

    • HPV

    • Vaginal Pathology

  • Venereal or Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

  • Family planning

    • Pregnancy test

    • IUD removal

    • Contraceptive Injection


Men's Clinic
  • Prostate blood test

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Venereal or Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)


Other medical ultrasound studies
  • Ultrasounds

  • Electrocardiograms (EKGs)

  • Urinalysis

  • Gluco-stick

and Vaccines

injections and vaccines
  • Tetatic Toxoid

  • Flu vaccine

  • Injections for:

    • Infections

    • Allergies

    • Pneumonia

    • B12 and others...

Wonderful attention and it was very economical. Super recommended!

Peter M. - 78227

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7616 Culebra Rd. Suite 101

San Antonio TX, 78251

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Hours of Operation

Hours of operation

Here when you need us

Monday Saturday
9:00 am. - 8:00 pm.

10:00am - 5

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